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This list contains 9 top free streaming sites besides GoldMovies site where you can watch movies and TV shows in English or with subtitles for free. Because it's even more fun to be able to follow your favorite series without reading the subtitles or following in English if you don't understand the language perfectly. Unfortunately, not all movies and series have subtitles, but you will still find many of them.

You don't want to risk downloading your movie or you don't want to wait. Without risk, you can watch online on various free streaming sites like 123movies. But..., it is not always that easy - to find free and trustful website where you can watch TV series and movies without spending hours searching the internet.

So... you're looking for top website to watch online full movies and TV series in HD? GoldMovies alternatives:

Then find out which streaming sites are the best right now. How to avoid head loss. Here is our list of the best free streaming services that will keep you watching thousands of movies and series in the evening. Be careful, some streaming sites may be blocked. In the meantime, here are the 9 best free streaming sites:

  • 1. PrimeWire - Whenever you want to watch new foreign movies, you should always visit PrimeWire first to watch newly added movies and series in English and a foreign language. Because it's one of the first sites to host it. PrimeWire in particular is available with many of the latest movie discoveries. Action films, comedies, animated films, Hindi films, dubbed films, European films, etc.) and series with foreign translations or subtitles. Available with high quality and accuracy to view online or even download. You can also watch foreign series and popular television programs online PrimeWire is easy to use and has a quick search option.
  • 2. 123Movies - On this beautiful and distinctive website you can watch many films and series from different genres online. This makes 123Movies one of the most popular streaming sites out there. The site has as many video filtering options as you want. You can choose the genre you want, e.g. B. Horror, then select the name of the movie or series. And then the site offers the option of surfing on more than one server, depending on the Internet speed or the quality available. The catalog is also regularly updated with new films and episodes. There are also good quality series and you don't need to register.

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  • 3. GoStream - This free streaming site remains one of the first to offer free online movie and video playback. Despite its seniority, GoStream still seems to be on track and appearing in the ranking of the best free streaming sites on the internet. If you are looking for HD quality movies or series, you can definitely find it on the GoStream website. The website also features films of all kinds, classic and trendy, just like goldmovies.
  • 4. YesMovies - Another great website on our list of the best free streaming websites for 2019 YesMovies is still one of the few streaming websites that has a very lightweight user interface and is really spruced up. As a result, the search in the catalog and the views of the portal are very smooth and much faster compared to the competition. Not to forget that they remain unlimited and with no registration or subscription restrictions. YesMovies is one of the best movie streaming sites and has a huge selection of the latest movies and series, almost as huge as GOLDMOVIES. You can see them live in HD quality. Otherwise it should also be noted that the preferred image quality of the website is only HD and 720p. This platform also offers downloadable movies.

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  • 5. CMoviesHD - This completely free streaming site has all episodes of the series and all selected films in Full HD resolution. Viewing is endless. No matter how much time you spend on this website, same as on goldmovies site, you will not pay anything. You also don't need any commitment or registration. You don't have to use a VPN. Otherwise, CMoviesHD is an up-to-date streaming site that shows you the latest movies and series. You can even find movies and series that haven't been shown on other competing websites or even in theaters. You could say that this site is one of the hottest streaming sites right now.
  • 6. LosMovies - While this is one of the newest sites on the internet, Losmovies has already gained notoriety in the world of international streaming services. In fact, both goldmovies and losmovies clearly stand out for the resolution of display quality that it offers to all users: from CAM to HD. Good quality. In addition, this streaming site offers users the option to share their own movies and series. The free space is reserved for this purpose only, so that users can be much more active in the life of their favorite site. As a result, in addition to the extensive catalog of films, series, classic animes and opuses are also available on the website. You can also see videos posted by thousands of users who are always on the site.
  • 7. Putlocker - On the Putlocker website you can find series, movies and anime in high definition with no restrictions. Everything classified by year of publication and category. You can also download films and series from this website. Despite his young age, Putlocker offers a very large selection of films and series, even goldmovies has less amount of movies available. It is updated by the Internet users themselves to enrich the website's catalog. This participative aspect is very much appreciated and the films and series are streaming. What you can find on the website have very good properties.
  • 8. Xmovies8 - You have the option to stream current series and films for free. The upside to the site is that it is very well done. And especially very well organized through a category system or through the ranking of the best available streaming films or series. So you can easily find what you are looking for. On xMovies8, you can easily find thousands of free movies without spending hours looking for them. So find the latest releases and the latest movies in streaming.
  • 9. Movie4k - This site is one of the most popular movie streaming sites. You will find a very large selection of films and series in English or with subtitles. Movie4K also offers the option of downloading films and series directly from goldmovies sources. You also have access to streaming cartoons. They are sorted by categories for easy navigation and the site features the top 10 most watched movies. This gives ideas when you run out of inspiration. Equipped with a catalog very well filled and with the latest news. The site offers a large number of films and series that are streamed in HD without registration. It offers movies and TV series that you can watch online and for free with no time limit. The links of the stream provided by the site are high quality, in fact the content is in HD or 720p. It offers optimized navigation that simplifies navigation. The categorization enables quick access to films and series that you want to watch.

In summary, whenever GoldMovies site is overloaded with traffic and you feel like it started to run slower, you can use one of mentioned sites. Of course we always try to keep GoldMovies up for 99.99% of time.