Martian Land


I recommend the film to everyone, but I do not know if everyone will like it as much as I do. Martian Land is certainly one of the best movies from 2015. I know it's know from being a mainstream popular movie, but honestly it's a really entertaining film. Martian Land is definitely one of these movies that you can watch several times and always find something new, and something interesting. Nevertheless, I recommend Martian Land with a clear conscience. I remember my first time with this movie, ending was a big surprise for me. I loved this film from the first sight.... Show more

Plot summary:

In the distant future, a large portion of humanity lives on Mars, in cities that resemble those once found on Earth. The cities are protected from the inhospitable Martian atmosphere by dome-like force-fields. When a massive sandstorm breaks through the dome and destroys Mars New York, those in Mars Los Angeles must figure out how to stop the storm before it wipes them out next.

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Directors: Scott Wheeler
Countries: United States
Release: 2015-10-06
Duration: 86 min
IMDb Rating: 2.3
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