Ghost Whisperer - Season 5


I've seen this whole tv show again this week and this tv show is really amazing. I really recommend to see and put on the list of the best tv series, because Ghost Whisperer - Season 5 certainly deserve it. The new cinematography style invented by John Gray is exactly what it is supposed to be - a new path that can be followed by the creators of original entertainment tv series. There are some stages in this tv show that I will remember until death. The story is really solid, the pacing is great, and all of the actors give great performances. Honestly, Ghost Whisperer - Season 5 is great and epic hollywood tv show. I couldn't find this tv show in full elsewhere so I decided to upload it on this site.... Show more

Plot summary:

A newlywed with the ability to communicate with the earthbound spirits of the recently deceased overcomes skepticism and doubt to help send their important messages to the living and allow the dead to pass on to the other side.

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Directors: John Gray
Countries: United States
Release: 2009-09-25
Duration: 44 min
IMDb Rating: 6.3
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