The Balkan Line


The Balkan Line - one of the best Action movies, I have ever seen. The Balkan Line is certainly one of the best movies from 2019. The Balkan Line is a new quality in the War movies and everyone should watch it. The world of the film reminds us very much and we can identify with each other. I've been searching for more movie online like this. I had the opportunity to watch The Balkan Line sitting in a comfortable armchair in front of the TV. Earlier I heard a lot of good about this film, but with other movies from Andrey Volgin, I did not give myself much hope. I really recommend this movie to everyone, watch and enjoy.... Show more

Plot summary:

After the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999, the Yugoslav army pulls out of Kosovo region, leaving Serbian people at the mercy of the Albanian UCK terrorists. A small band of soldiers must take over the Slatina airport, and hold it until the Russian peacekeepers arrive.

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Directors: Andrey Volgin
Countries: International, Russia
Release: 2019-03-21
Duration: 130 min
IMDb Rating: 6.7
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