Weeds - Season 5


Weeds - Season 5 is one of best tv series I have ever seen online. I really enjoyed watching Weeds - Season 5. Do you want to know why this tv show is one of the best of all time?. I think it was worth seeing such a brilliant but sad story. The whole tv show is complemented by atmospheric music and good photos. There are so many images, details and scenes that I seriously cannot get out of my head since watching it for the first time. I couldn't find this tv show in full elsewhere so I decided to upload it on this site.... Show more

Plot summary:

When her husband, Judah, dies of a sudden heart attack while out with his ten-year-old son, Shane, Nancy Botwin finds herself in a financial crisis. With no other option available to her, she turns to Conrad Shepard and his family to sell cannabis, using a fake bakery to move the goods. Aided by her wayward black-sheep brother-in-law, Andy (Judah's younger brother), she struggles to keep her new means of bill-solving secret from suspicious P.T.A. members and her nosy neighbors, as well as from her children, Shane and his teenage brother, Silas. Coping without Judah as the patriarch of the family reflects in the Botwins, especially Shane, who is going through the painful process of growing up without his dad, with Andy as the reluctant and rather poor substitute for father-and-son topics that go with growing up.... Show more

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Directors: Jenji Kohan
Countries: United States
Release: 2009-06-08
IMDb Rating: 7.9
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