Story of a Girl


Story of a Girl is really good production from year 2017. Pictures and scenography were pampered in the smallest details. These days, fresh movies coming to the cinemas, do not have 'something' what this movie has. The world of the film reminds us very much and we can identify with each other. It is an interesting, nice movie that is really worth watching online. I loved the characters, all of them, even the antagonists were unforgettable. Great movie to watch at the evening, watch Story of a Girl full hd here.... Show more

Plot summary:

When a compromising video of thirteen year old Deanna Lambert hits social media, her teenage life is changed forever. Overcoming bullies, hurtful school-yard taunts and the enduring rage and disappointment of her father, Deanna longs to escape a life defined by her past. Directed by Kyra Sedgwick (feature directorial debut) and starring Ryann Shane, Jon Tenney and Kevin Bacon, based on Sara Zarr's award winning novel, Story of a Girl is a coming of age drama about a young woman pushing beyond the shadow of her past to become the author of her own life.... Show more

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Directors: Kyra Sedgwick
Countries: United States, Canada
Release: 2017-07-23
Duration: 90 min
IMDb Rating: 6.2
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